20 Aug

Renew Your Skin with Vibraderm Treatments!

What are the most common complaints you have about your facial skin? Most of us struggle with the fine lines, acne scars, age spots, and pore sizes that have plagued us for years, but we’ve never really taken the opportunity to do something about them. In the past, finding a resolution to these issues often meant a painful process and a costly trip to the dermatologist, but today, these are just a few of the skin annoyances that can be corrected with a convenient Vibraderm treatment.

Though commonly confused with microdermabrasion treatments, Vibraderm is much different. Rather than using the crystals and suction found in microdermabrasion, Vibraderm is a device that exfoliates the skin while prompting collagen growth. The process is done on the face and body if you choose, and feels much more like a massage than a skin treatment. After a few rounds of treatment, those skin issues that plagued for so long you are only distant memories.

Along with Vibraderm, our clients often combine the treatment with others such as Vitamin C treatments, chemical peels, and ultrasound with Javani Infusion. By the end of the process, your skin feels renewed, firm, and perfected! To learn more about Vibraderm and our other fabulous skin treatments, simply contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics by calling 913.327.7175!