22 Dec

Radiesse: Now Approved for Hand Rejuvenation!

While the face is credited with bearing the brunt of sun and toxin exposure, your hands actually show age earlier because the skin in that area is so incredibly thin. Over time, the hands lose the fat padding necessary to maintain the firm and plump appearance common in youth. As the firmness fades, the hands’ structure begins to appear bony due to tendon, bone, and vein bulges.

While daily use of hand cream, protection from steaming hot water, and sunscreen can all help to prevent further damage, sometimes those precautions just aren’t enough to give your hands the appearance you’re after. Fortunately, the same technology that can generate youthfulness in your face can now transform aged hands into hands worthy of a modeling contract.

Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation

Fondly known by doctors and users as a Hand Lift, this procedure uses Radiesse, more commonly known for its application as a dermal filler, to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. It’s now FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation, and the same principles from facial injections still apply.

Radiesse works quickly and efficiently to add volume to the skin while simultaneously triggering the body to produce more collagen to naturally heal and replenish the skin. When the effects of a volumizing filler and the power of extra collagen collide, your hands are guaranteed to look years younger. Radiesse harnesses the power of calcium and phosphate ions. Since they are naturally found in the human bone, the injection is 100 percent non-toxic. Suspended in a gel carrier, the calcium and phosphate stimulates collagen growth inside the body for natural skin rejuvenation. As time goes on, your body absorbs the CaHA in its gel carrier, leaving your newly developed collagen in charge of maintaining healthy, younger looking hands.

Results of a hand lift last between one and two years, at which time you can return for another quick treatment. This procedure is an unbeatably easy way to restore youth and boost your confidence along the way.