05 Aug

Protect Your Investment with Sunscreen…Here’s How!

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With all the beach trips and barbecues we attend during the summer, it’s easy to risk the effects of damage to your skin from the sun. Sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin causing dryness, excess oil, fine lines, and wrinkles.  So what can you do?

The most popular methods to eliminate wrinkles are:

  • Botox™ injections that paralyze the muscle fibers that create the wrinkles;
  • Injectable fillers to puff-up the underlying skin;
  • Cosmetic surgery to tighten the flaccid skin;
  • chemical peel, IPL and laser skin treatments to improve the tone and texture of sun-damaged and aging skin;
  • Topical creams to rehabilitate damaged skin.

Now, here comes a new wrinkle to this story. Since most of the aging changes are due to lifelong sun exposure, it’s important to apply a quality sunblock frequently after your facial wrinkles have been treated with any of the procedures listed above.

Choose SPF15 or stronger; otherwise, the aging changes will reappear before you know it. And that means wasted time, wasted money, and overall dissatisfaction.

But keep in mind that many of the chemicals in popular sunblock lotions are irritating to the skin, especially skin that is treated with Retin-A or Avage. So check the label before buying. Make sure your sunblock does not contain Parsol or Avobenzone – either will recreate the effect of pouring gasoline on a campfire!

kansas city plastic surgeryThe only widely available sunblock that doesn’t contain either of these ingredients is Purpose, by Johnson & Johnson.  In most stores you’ll find Purpose alongside the high-end moisturizers and higher-end aesthetic rejuvenation products.


In addition to using sunscreen every day, we also recommend:

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After your skin-enhancing treatment, the best way to protect your investment is by avoiding sun damage, wearing sunblock, and using a good facial cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant.  If you make sunscreen a part of your daily routine, you’ll be protected from more wrinkles, brown spots and even cancer.
kansas city plastic surgeryIf you are interested in discussing ways that you can wipe away that summer sun skin damage, call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation and once we determine which procedure will meet your needs, we invite you to take advantage of our amazing summer specials.