22 Mar

Portrait Skin Resurfacing (PRS) Basics

Portrait Skin Resurfacing is ideal for those who desire naturally younger looking skin without invasive surgery. Take a look at how Portrait works to determine if it is right for you:

What is Plasma and Why Do We Use It? Plasma is the fourth state of matter (in addition to liquid, solid and gas). During treatment, the old upper layer of skin undergoes controlled damage by plasma rays. The skin is stimulated and collagen fibers are created, resulting in new skin.

The Portrait Device: Portrait creates inert nitrogen gas through a radiofrequency generator that is then put into an adapter and streamed directly onto the skin. Upon contact with the skin, the energy changes into a yellow light that is a type of “heat” which is not hot and will not burn the skin. The depth that the rays reach will depend on the preselected energy and size of the adapter, generally between 1-4J per pulse. (Consult your doctor for details and which is right for you.)

Skin stimulation and collagen generation lead to greater skin elasticity, firmness, and ultimately younger looking skin. Let us help you look your best! Contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics for a consultation at (913) 327-7175 or visit our website at lookmybest.net.