03 Nov

Permanent Makeup: Look Your Best All Day

The application of makeup is a prehistoric art, though its purpose has drastically transformed since ancient times. Today, women and men both use makeup to enhance their appearances and achieve certain traits they don’t have naturally, like dark eyelashes or full eyebrows.

Though permanent makeup may sound at first like an extravagance, it’s actually extremely practical for many people! Those with arthritis, physical handicaps, visual impairment, and watery eyes can benefit from permanent makeup since it eliminates the challenge of applying cosmetics. Athletes prone to extreme sweating or people with very oily skin can rely on permanent makeup to maintain consistence aesthetics regardless of moisture on the skin. In addition, many people are allergic to common makeup ingredients, so permanent makeup provides an easy alternative that takes all guesswork and reaction potential out of the equation. Even people with uneven or under-pigmented skin can use permanent makeup to restore the skin’s pigment. Of course, anybody can use and find benefits in permanent makeup. It puts back valuable time into each day and lifts the burden of worry or anxiety about appearance.

If you’re considering exploring the possibilities of permanent makeup in your life, here’s what you need to know.

It’s Painless! A topical numbing agent is applied to ensure that you experience minimal discomfort while receiving your permanent makeup. Some people don’t feel a thing!

You Have Freedom of Choice.  Permanent makeup is far from a “one size fits all” procedure. You can choose from a diverse range of colors and areas of focus. Fuller eyebrows, natural eyeliner, and lip color are popular choices.

Short Procedure, Long Lasting Results. Your first appointment only takes one hour, followed by a second visit a month later for touch-up work. The results last a whopping 2-5 years! Even after the full 5 years has elapsed, you will simply need a few touch ups to be set for another 5 makeup-free years!

Regardless of your reason for pursuing permanent makeup, it will free your life from the burden of daily makeup application and provide you with a clean, flawless look that you’ll love!