08 Mar

New Anti-Aging Product: SELPHYL™

We are the first facility in Kansas to implement SELPHYL™, a revolutionarily new product and procedure in the fight against the signs of aging.

Potentially one of the most promising breakthroughs in facial rejuvenation, this system has been marketed for more than two years in Japan and has been cleared by the FDA for introduction in the United States. Technology has discovered that the perfect partner is natural, the patient’s own platelets and fibrin. And, it offers a cost effective alternative to more invasive surgery.

Owner Kathleen Stegman, RN, MA, says: “With the trend clearly toward less invasive treatments in all medical areas, cosmetic surgery is certainly following the course. Dermal fillers have been part of this trend, as an option to facial plastic surgery. This alternative offers us the latest technology and lasting results. The patient has no down time and no adverse effects. We are also using Selphyl with our in office fat transfers for natural breast augmentation and hand rejuvenation.”

SELPHYL™, developed by Aesthetic Factors, is a patented system for the safe and rapid preparation of a soft tissue regenerator referred to as Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). SELPHYL™ PRFM is injected into a treatment area (face or body) to stimulate cells to promote an increase of volume and rejuvenation of the skin. A small volume of blood is drawn from the patient; the blood is centrifuged to separate platelets, serum and fibrin which is then activated, resulting in the PRFM which is injected to promote facial rejuvenation through targeted tissue re-generation.

“The patients’ own biological factors present in the platelets and fibrin will stimulate soft tissue by triggering the production of collagen and cell growth,” Stegman says. “In this manner, the skin can naturally and efficiently achieve longer lasting rejuvenation.”

As soon as administered, platelets release natural tissue regenerating factors. Studies on Selphyl™ show that platelet growth factors are released for up to seven days, supporting collagen production and dermal matrix reconstruction. Pronounced effects occur approximately four to 12 weeks after the procedure. Patients have reported significant improvement to last one to two years.

Since the procedure uses no synthetic materials, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction and no significant adverse events have been reported. For this reason SELPHYL™ PRFM can be used in many areas to achieve skin rejuvenation.

The procedure lasts less than 20 minutes. SELPHYL™ is prepared and injected by medical professionals in their office. Selphyl is highly cost effective since with one draw of blood, 4 syringes of 1cc can be prepared enabling a full face rejuvenation procedure to be performed.

Aesthetic Factors initially introduced the product in Japan two years ago with over 7,500 patients treated to date.

Here’s more before and after photos of patients who have used SELPHYL™.