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Natural Breast Augmentation Exercises

Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation is not a dream, today it is a reality.

Just because you may not have been blessed with a perfect set of breasts, it doesn’t mean you can’t help make your breasts larger and better shaped by utilizing modern day techniques of natural breast augmentation in combination with breast exercises.

What Does Exercising Do For My Breasts Then?

The exercises for natural breast augmentation are intended to strengthen the pectoral muscles around the breasts. These exercises enhance the pectoral muscles and help reduce natural sagging. Exercises also help prevent sagging.

In addition to the pectoral strengthening, natural breast  exercises increase blood flow to breast tissue. The increase in blood flow to the breasts also helps to increase the growth of the breasts.

With increased blood flow, natural breast exercises help your breasts absorb oxygen and nutrients. This can aid in the increase in growth of breast tissue.

Think Of Your Pectorals

Natural breast augmentations exercises are geared to work the chest area, specifically the pectorals. If you’re doing exercises it’s a good idea to take measurements of your chest and a few pictures from the front and the sides so you can later compare the differences. This will help you determine if the work you’re doing is paying off or if you’ll have to start a different breast exercise program.

What’s A Wrist Stretch?

The wrist stretch is when you extend your arm fully and naturally and hold your hand at a 90 degree angle upwards. You would then take the pads of your fingers from your other hand and use them to pull back on the pads of the fingers from your extended arm. This encourages better blood circulation throughout your body.

As a variation you can pull at the top and from each side of the extended hand’s fingers.

What’s A Butterfly Stretch?

The butterfly press is an exercise you can find in most gyms, but you don’t need a gym to do it. To do it at home, grab a couple weights (or soup cans) and sit on a sturdy chair with good posture. Hold your arms out at a 90 degree angle from your chest and then bend your arms at the elbow up, also at a 90 degree angle.

Pull inward as far as you can and make sure to touch elbows as well as hands/weights. When you extend go only slightly further than your back.

Watch This Example Below Of Doing Butterfly Breast Exercises At A Gym


You Can Also Do Chair Dips

Chair dips start with you sitting on a sturdy chair. Slide off of the chair until you are right at the edge. Place your hands with fingers forward on the edge of the chair on either side of your hips. Lift yourself off of the chair and move your hips forward.

Keep an eye out that your feet are shoulder/hip width apart. Slowly let your body weight pull you down about six inches. Press yourself back up to have your hips level with the chair. Make sure not to over extend yourself going down, you can pull a muscle in your arms.

There are many other natural breast exercises you can engage in from traditional push ups to inverted push ups to bench presses. It’s always advised that you consult your doctor before engaging in a heavy exercise regimen but you can rest assured that if you simply apply some of the techniques for increasing your breast size naturally above, you’ll notice a substantial difference in no time.

Remember…Aging is Optional

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