29 Jan

My Experience on the HCG Diet

I started the HCG diet on Jan 4 weighing in at 114.  I am on my last day of the diet today weighing in at 100 lbs.  I dropped 14 pounds in 27 days.  I really look fabulous.  No muscle lost…just all the fat and my muscles now look great!  I have no hunger, feel great and will start my first 3 weeks of maintenance tomorrow.  I will eat all the protein I want along with fruits and vegetables…just avoid starches and sugars for the first 3 weeks…but I can have a glass of wine!
This has been a great 27 days…I am going to the brazilian steak house tomorrow night and having all types of great protein!  Can’t wait! 
So come in for a consult and get the body you want in less than a month.  It only takes away abnormal fat (no structural fat) so you will not have any lose skin!
We are now doing the body jet and cool lipo liposuction!  Get scheduled for your consult if you would like to remove fat with our “Awake” surgery….you just get up off the table and leave the fat behind!