07 Apr

More Business Men Seeking Cosmetic Treatments

Job seekers are feeling the heat of competition and are realizing that looking your best complements a strong resume. For the additional advantage, professionals are heading towards aesthetic medical centers like Midwest Medical.

In 2010, more than 13 million plastic surgeries were preformed, a 5% increase since 2008. Studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that most clients are males over the age of 55 who are aiming to keep their jobs and compete with younger applicants entering the market. The most popular procedures include facelifts which increased by 9% and eyelifts which saw a 3% increase.

The recovery time and price of plastic surgery is burdensome to some, resulting in a rise in the percentage of nonsurgical treatments. Norman Rowe, a New York plastic surgeon, estimated that approximately 80% of his business came from nonsurgical procedures. Injectable treatments like Botox™ and other fillers saw a spike of 12%. Fat injections also experienced increased, peaking around 14% within the past year.

Source: CNN, Money