02 Apr

Makeup Application Consultation and Lessons

Sometimes, all that you need to look your best is properly applied makeup. Everything from changes in age, hair color, seasons, and even changes in your profession may call for a change in your makeup routine. And of course, with prom and seasonal dances around the corner, now is a great time for students to learn how to enhance their look with makeup techniques.

At Midwest Medical Aesthetic, we provide makeup application consultations and lessons. We recommend first conducting a skin analysis to identify any problem areas such as acne, sun damage, dryness, or rosacea. We will then select products that will address those concerns while nourishing your skin and providing the amount of coverage that you desire.

Midwest Medical Aesthetic supplies you with the best in skin care products. That is why we have selected Color Science mineral makeup. Color Science carries a full line of products including healing serums, primers, foundations, blushes, eye accessories and more. We will teach you how to apply your makeup for day, evening, and special events.

To schedule a consultation, call 913-327-7175 or visit our website.