24 Oct

Maintain Weight Loss With Help From Simple Apps

Weight Loss Programs

Midwest Medical understands what it means to lose weight in the age of instant information. With all of the weight loss apps available, incorporating your high-tech lifestyle into your battle of the bulge has never been easier! Whether your weight-loss buddy is an iPad or Android, Midwest Medical has some tips about apps that help keep weight loss simple yet savvy.


CalorieKing Calorie Counter

This IPad-friendly, free app is perfect for tracking calories from all types of foods. It is all too easy to head to a drive-thru and grab a quick (and high-calorie) meal. This app shows you exactly what you’re getting in calories. That may be enough motivation to break open a bag of pretzels instead.

Livestrong Calorie Tracker

This multi-platform app works with both iPad and Android. It has bragging rights, too; over 4 million people have dropped pounds according to the site. Its colorful and engaging interface is appealing. It doesn’t hurt that the app is free.

Lose It!

This Android-friendly, free app is perfect when you’re on the go. Not only does it keep accounts of exercise, but the barcode scanner helps you decide what to get or walk away from at the grocery store.

Once you have used the weight loss services at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, keep up your new look with these great apps. Readers, have you found any other helpful weight loss apps you’d like to share with us?