05 Oct

Luminesce – Our New Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Process

Luminesce Skin Rejuventaion

In August I sent you an email about LUMINESCE™, a cellular rejuvenation serum which is the first anti-aging product to stimulate your body’s natural ability to replenish, amplify, and heal your skin.  It will help you look younger, healthier, and more radiant as this cellular rejuvenation serum works magic, helping many people regain their youthful appearance.

Dr. Nathan Newman, who developed this product, has been a pioneer in the cosmetic field for a number of years.   You can see his video and some Before and after Pictures of clients on our website at our New Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Process- Luminesce.

Clinical Studies Reveal that patients who used Luminesce experienced these results:

  • 88% of patients saw improvement in overall skin appearance
  • 75% saw improvement in skin texture and smoothness
  • 70% felt an increase in skin firmness and elasticity
  • 70% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

This has generated a lot of questions so I gathered a list of the points regarding the Luminesce product that should answer some of your questions:

  • Luminesce penetrate the pores of the skin and works with natural body processes to stimulate production of matrix proteins such as collagen and elastin
  • Luminesce  substantially diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • increased luminosity of the skin
  • restoring the youthful smoothness of skin
  • moderate skin renewal may occur within 2 to 4 weeks
  • optimal improvement to the skin is reached after three months of daily usage
  • continuing to use the Luminesce product will continue to bring positive results
  • apply the product once in the morning and again in the evening
  • apply a toners and other skin products first – then Luminesce
  • No stem cells are in Luminesce
  • Luminesce decreases inflammation and heals skin tissues
  • Luminesce destroys bad cells and replaces them with healthy one
  • Luminesce is 100% compatible with the body’s natural processes

You can get both the serum and moisturizer (which also has an SPF of 30) for only $214.90.  If you would like to more information on how this revolutionary new product can help you just respond to this email.

Here’s to Looking Your Best… because Aging is Optional!

Kathleen Stegman RN, MA