11 Sep

Lose Inches on Your Lunch Hour with Zerona!

So summer is over and you’re breathing a heavy sigh of relief…no more bathing suits, no more shorts, no more bare skin…it’s time for baggy sweaters and long pants. So you don’t have to worry about your body image for a while – right? Wrong!

This is no time to neglect your figure! The holidays are right around the corner, and that means shopping, parties and party clothes. And let’s not forget the stress! Did you know that cosmetic procedures – such as Zerona – can not only improve a person’s outward appearance, but their overall well being?


Less-invasive cosmetic procedures are really catching on, because the ability to continue with your daily activities right after treatment is a huge perk. Zerona will definitely put you on the path to looking and feeling better about yourself. Our goal is to have you leave our office after each visit feeling rejuvenated and more confident than you did on your way in.

zeronaHaving a Zerona treatment is just like a relaxing time at the spa! Here’s what you can expect in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upon arrival at our office, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. You’ll change/undress and then lie down on our heated treatment table and covered up with sheets.
  2. A Zerona specialist will position the LipoLaser’s 5 laser heads over the area being treated.
  3. You will feel nothing during the procedure. The laser does not produce heat, so all you will see is a red beam of light rotating over your skin. Your treatment will take approximately 40 minutes.

Don’t be surprised if you wish your treatment would never end! All of our patients comment on how relaxed and rejuvenated they feel during and after their treatments. Look at it as your one-hour spa getaway where you can escape before or after work, during your lunch hour, or just to get a break from the kids!

The Results Don’t Lie,….9 inches and 7 lbs. – GONE!

Here’s what a recent patient had to say…


Think of the last time your waist was 2-3 inches smaller, your hips had that natural curve, and your thighs were thinner. With the Zerona Laser treatment you now have an alternative to a shapelier figure without having to endure the fear – and sometimes-painful process – of a surgical procedure.

It’s not about what you lose, but what you gain…your youthful appearance, your confidence, and your beauty. Reclaim the real you and say goodbye to stubborn fat for once and all!

zerona-before_after_examplesAnd the best news is that this procedure is about one third the cost of Coolsculpting (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t) or Liposuction.

You can view videos of the procedure on our website at lookmybest.net/body-services/zerona.

Just respond to this post or Call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if Zerona is right for you!