31 Dec

Looking Good Generation-X!

Television ads have not just increased sales of prescription drugs but recent studies have shown an upward trend in cosmetic procedures as well. The unusual twist to the study is the Baby Boomers, who are the target market, aren’t the one’s taking advantage of these procedures. It’s the Generation-X adults between the ages of 31 and 45.

Surveys have indicated that as pressure increases to look young, more of the Generation-X bracket are investing in Botox™ injections, fillers, chemical peels and liposuction.

The onslaught of media advertising in addition to the fact that cosmetic surgeries and procedures no longer carry the stigma they once did, have also contributed to the increase, a recent poll conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed.

Procedures have become safer and in many cases require little or no recuperating time and the changes can be subtle. For example Botox™ can be injected during a patient’s lunch hour and they can return to work looking nothing except well rested!

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