25 Aug

Looking Better Is Worth It’s Weight in Gold!

Gold has been accepted as payment for goods and services for thousands of years and still is. So why shouldn’t I accept it as well? Quite frankly, it just made sense to me that it would benefit some of our clients who wanted to get rid of wrinkles, lose weight, or wanted to re-shape their bodies so they could look and feel younger. That’s something you can’t get with that old gold necklace you haven’t even worn in years until now.

So, here’s how it works: you can bring in your old gold and silver jewelry for a free appraisal and I’ll pay you in cash. You can do whatever you want with the money! You can use it to get any of the cosmetic services in Kansas we provide – a trip, a special present for yourself or for any other product you want.

You can bring in:

  • 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Gold
  • Bent, scrap, unwanted, or broken jewelry
  • Gold Chains
  • Unmatched or Broken Gold Earrings
  • Necklaces/pendants/lockets
  • Bracelets/ankle bracelets
  • Class Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Gold Pins/Brooches
  • Gold Charms
  • Bangles
  • Gold Ingots
  • Dental Gold
  • Coins
  • .925 Silver (Sterling)
  • Platinum

We have the necessary equipment on site to test each piece, determine its’ purity.  Then I’ll give you an instant evaluation on the spot.  There’s no pressure, and there is no obligation to do anything.

But if you were thinking of getting a Botox, Restylane, Laser Liposuction, a weight loss program like HcG, Ideal Protein, Hair removal, Microdermabrasion, IPL, any of the other services we provide or just need some extra cash. Simply give us a call to set up a time that is convenient for you to come in and see what’s possible.

Remember…Aging is Optional

Kathleen Stegman, Ed.D, RN.
(866) 854-7181