24 Feb

Look Like a Hollywood Star Every Day

It’s award season in Hollywood, and that means the pressure is on for stars to look their best on the red carpet. From designer dresses to the latest makeup and hair styles, companies frequently target stars to endorse their products on stage. This includes cosmetic procedures, which have been endorsed by both Madonna and Denise Richardson.

But these treatments are not reserved for stars only. You can look like a star every day too! Kick off your Oscars party with a fresh, youthful look that’s fit for the red carpet. If you want to turn back the clock and look 10 years younger just like many of the Hollywood stars have, there are a number of different non-surgical options to choose from: Radiesse, Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane, Artefill, and Selphyl.

These fillers are used to temporarily reverse the aging process. They can be used to refresh your appearance by smoothing away unwanted lines and bringing back the natural contours of your face. They can also be used to fill in deep, furrowing lines around the forehead, eyes and around the nose and mouth. Plus, we have some “Red Carpet Specials” on these treatments right now!

Check out this video on Sculptra, a favorite wrinkle filler of our clients.