12 May

Look Great Fast with Zerona Lip Laser

Midwest Medical Aesthetics administers Zerona lipo laser treatments! Do you want to lose inches without losing days out of your life? Zerona treatments allow you to get the desired results without extensive recovery times to interrupt your schedule.

Zeronais a painless, heatless, low level laser weight loss mechanism. This technique has been used for over 40 as a treatment for pain. Now, the technology is available to help you look your best. In just 2-4 weeks you can loose inches off of problem areas without surgery. Slim you thighs, arms, tummy and more with Zerona treatments.

In a double blind test, patients treated by Zerona experienced an average of 3.5 inches of weight loss compared to ½ an inch loss achieved by placebo patients. Some Zerona patients even lost up to 9 pounds of excess fat!

Zerona isn’t time consuming or a hassle. Average results require 40 minute treatments, three times per week for two weeks. Optimal results are achieved through three treatments per week for four weeks. Other than these scheduled appointments, we simply recommend specific nutritional components that will help your body get rid of liquefied fat; a healthier diet will also allow you to enjoy your weight loss results longer.

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Source: lookmybest.net