28 Apr

Is Your Hair Thinning, Falling Out or Splitting?

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Is your hair thinning, falling out or splitting?  If so, we have important news for you!

Research shows that once hair loss becomes noticeable, you may have already lost 50% of the hair follicles! Missing the early warning signs of hair loss is one of the biggest mistakes men and women make when it comes to protecting the health of their hair. hair loss kansas city

Consider this:

  • Hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men.
  • Two-thirds of women will also have some form of hair loss in their lifetime.
  • 180 billion dollars are spent yearly, worldwide, on hair loss treatments.

That’s why a new scientific measurement instrument called the HairCheck is so important.


This device is a highly sensitive hand-held instrument that measures hair caliber and hair density together and expresses them as a single number called the Hair Mass Index (HMI) or “Hair Number.”

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This number is then used to accurately assess hair loss, growth and breakage. By tracking these numbers, it helps us determine the extent and rate of the patient’s hair loss and/or breakage and inform them of any changes over time. This information has also made it substantially easier to catch hair loss before it becomes too significant. Early detection gives us an opportunity to try one of the many non-invasive treatment options available, including low level laser therapy, nutritional supplementation, medication, and topical solutions.

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As easy as stepping on a scale, HairCheck is a quick and pain-free process that takes about five minutes. Upon completion, the patient receives a personal Hair Number derived from a cross-sectional bundle measurement.  Just like a scale is used for tracking weight, HairCheck will track your hair’s progress. For example, if the hair fibers get thinner, the HMI number goes down. If the quantity of hair diminishes, the HMI number also goes down.

So what can you do about thinning, damaged hair?

Once we determine your Hair Number, we can discuss solutions to get your hair growth back on track such as:

hair loss kansas city Sunetics Laser Devices for the stimulation and regeneration of hair follicles. It delivers laser light directly to the scalp, increasing blood flow to follicles and delivery of nutrients to the weakened hair follicles.The laser infuses the follicles with the energy needed to stimulate dramatic growth factors, greatly extend the growth phase, and help restore a healthy hair cycle.
LaserCap, which utilizes low-level laser therapy to improve the appearance of hair quality, hair strength and hair thickness. It’s the first device to offer the power of a clinical laser therapy unit in cordless, rechargeable, discreet treatment device that literally fits under your hat.Wear it to walk, jog, bike, drive or sit… it’s a non-chemical, non-invasive, pain-free treatment that can be applied anytime you can wear a hat or scarf. hair loss kansas city

We’ll also supplement your treatment with nourishing shampoos and vitamins and perform a follow-up HairCheck in about 90 days. If you’re worried about hair loss, or are interested in learning what your ‘Hair Number’ is, it’s important to consult with an experienced professional. For a complimentary consultation; click here the schedule an appointment online or call our office today.