24 Feb

Is It Ever Too Early for Cosmetic Procedures?

Depending on the type of procedure, the use of cosmetic medicine can be beneficial to people of all ages and genders. This is especially true for victims of disfiguring accidents and injuries. Cosmetic procedures that include tattooing to even the appearance of scars and laser hair removal are two of the most beneficial cosmetic procedures that people as young as twelve have had done to help correct the appearance of birth defects. Other types of cosmetic procedures, such as high frequency treatments to correct skin blemishes is another type of elective medicine that people of all ages can and have benefited from. The removal of warts, skin tags, and other blemishes that contribute to a negative self image are rather common elective cosmetic procedures.

Not All Procedures Are Appropriate For Any Age

Lipo-style procedures used to remove and breakdown fatty deposits are not considered a form of cosmetic procedures that people under the age of 18 should undergo. While there are few side effects with such procedures, it is considered a type of cosmetic medicine that should not be undergone, with the exception of extreme circumstance for younger people. Botox and filler procedures are also considered treatments that are not appropriate for younger patients as well. The potential for negative rebound affects on the natural elasticity of younger skin is the major reason behind avoiding such cosmetic procedures in young adults.

Natural Weight and Skin Management

For patients 18 years and younger, cosmetic procedures designed to reduce fat and sculpt are frowned upon. It is best to naturally work towards loosing weight and boosting the body’s metabolic processes, especially for those still growing and developing. Outside of circumstances such as scarring from acne and accidental consequences, cosmetic correction should be used with limited applications in younger patients.

Hair Removal Procedures

Younger patients wishing to have excess hair removed are not advised to undergo serious hair removal treatments such as laser removal. However, spa treatments such as waxing are considered a viable alternative until full maturity is reached. Though care should be taken with such treatments, as they can be painful and damaging to the skin when done in excess. The repeatedly harsh removal of hairs and their follicles, can also lead to irritation and potentially have a negative impact on a person’s body image. The major goals of cosmetic medicine are to help improve the appearance of the body and skin, as well as the patient’s self confidence in their real and perceived appearance.