03 Mar

In Search of a “Healthy Glow”? Reconsider Your Use of Tanning Beds

Only a few years ago, tanning salons were really popular. The bronzed glow was once considered a really desirable look, and many men and women, eager to bring some color to their bodies, headed to their local salon to top up on their tan.

However, according to recent statements released by the FDA, tanning beds are unsafe and ‘pose serious health risks’.

The FDA: The Official Line

In a report made recently by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the WHO), it was concluded that tanning devices were even more hazardous for our health than previously suspected. The study stated explicitly that over-exposure to tanning beds can cause skin cancer, burning, eye damage and premature aging.

As a result of this study, and others like it, the FDA have now strengthened their warning for sunlamp products, especially given that using them increases the chances of developing a melanoma by 59%. With literally thousands of people dying each year across the country due to skin cancer, it seems that it’s a risk that is simply not worth taking.

Aging Skin

Less life-threatening, but problematic none the less, is the aging effect that excessive tanning can have on your skin. The UV rays from the tanning bed penetrate the skin, breaking down elastin, which then reduces elasticity. The result? Those deep wrinkles and lines that you dislike so much when you look in the mirror! In addition to this, UV light can also create discoloration on the skin, or ‘sun-spots’.

Fortunately, there are treatments available, which can reduce these tell-tale signs of UV exposure.

Reversing the Damage

If you’re self-conscious about your wrinkles, skin discoloration or simply the condition of your skin, there are fortunately a number of cosmetic treatments available to help turn back the clock and reverse the damage.

Chemical peels and cosmetic fillers are excellent for plumping out lines and refreshing the appearance of the skin; and laser facial treatments can help reduce the appearance of sun damage.

If you want to improve your appearance and get rid of the tell-tale signs of UV damage, talk to Midwest Medical Aesthetics today, at (913) 327-7175. Our final advice? If you’re still using tanning salons, think about stopping. Aging skin is a good enough reason in itself, but the prospect of developing life-threatening skin cancers should be a good enough deterrent for anyone!