16 Apr

Hydrate Your Body, Amplify Your Life

The secret to younger looking skin, healthy digestion, and overall wellness revolves around one simple factor: hydration. Nothing can replace the benefits of maintaining the proper intake of water for your body.

This isn’t news: 3/4 of us know that the average person should drink 8 glasses of water a day but only 34% of us follow this sage advice. The result is that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated!

Proper hydration can help you look and feel your best. Did you know that drinking water could help you lose weight? Dehydration causes our metabolism to slow by 3%; we don’t burn calories as we should when we are dehydrated. 37% of Americans’ systems are so out of sync that we mistake thirst for hunger. That means that we eat more and more when all our bodies really crave is a tall glass of H2O. Drinking a glass of water is proven to combat late night hunger pangs for 100% of dieters studied by the University of Washington.

Drinking plenty of water also allows your skin to hydrate itself naturally, reducing dependency on creams and external treatments to combat the signs of aging and damage due to exposure to the elements.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics wants you to look your best inside and out. Don’t forget the simple remedies like hydration to keep you in tip-top shape!