15 Dec

How to Regain Firm, Fit Skin

Before technology and science joined forces to revolutionize the medical community, the only procedural option to get rid of unwanted fat was standard liposuction. However, laser fat removal now offers a way to achieve a trimmer body with a non-invasive, simple, and quick procedure.

What is Zerona Lipo Laser?

This body contouring procedure was approved by the FDA in 2010 as the first non-invasive method to effectively remove excess fat without subjecting the patient to surgery and recovery time. Though it’s important to mark that this liposuction laser does not treat or reverse obesity, it can target specific areas of the body to remove pesky areas of fat that other methods haven’t successfully burned. Zerona’s cold laser technology liquefies the fat within fat cells, which causes the cells to release their contents and be removed naturally from the body. The resulting collapsed fat cells reduce waistline, hip, and thigh volume.

Liposuction Laser Benefits

First of all, Lipo Laser eliminates all of the unpleasant side effects of standard liposuction while delivering even better results. Rather than being sedated and put under the knife, Lipo Loser is quick enough to receive over your lunch break and easy enough to enjoy without impeding any part of your daily schedule.

The Incredible Results

After thorough testing and many studies, Zerona is proven to help patients lose an average of 3.5 inches from the waist, hip, and thigh areas. The skin becomes tighter, firmer, and more toned. Results are typically achieved after 6 painless treatments over a two week period. Also known as circumference reduction laser therapy, this liposuction laser treatment works with the primary goal of reducing the overall circumference of the target area after fat loss. It’s still important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain the results and continue making progress.