06 Dec

How to Choose the Right Facial Filler? Check Out These Specials!

Choosing the right facial filler should not be left to chance.   But before you even get to this point the bigger decision is recognizing the fact that you actually want to change the way you look. In Kansas there’s no short of people who care about their looks and when it comes to fillers, they’re all in.

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The Process

Most of my patients in Kansas go through a 3 step process.  The first step is the realization that you are not happy with the way you look in the mirror.  You seem to notice more wrinkles and the depth of them has actually changed your appearance.

It is as if you’re looking more tired and drawn out.  Definitely you feel your look is aging faster than how you feel.

Next you find yourself either talking to your friends about this situation and you start looking on-line at possible solutions and what’s available as treatments for wrinkles.  There are face lifts, mini-facelifts – all kinds of surgical options for the different areas of the face, but you’re not ready for that kind of surgery,  nor the higher costs of these procedures – not just yet.

Well, especially in Kansas, the more inexpensive solution is facial fillers. 

Once again there are numerous options to choose from.  Your selection involves Botox™ & Dysport, Restylane™ and Perlane. A few other fillers are Radiesse™ and Selphyl – even Artefill/Bellafill™ and Sculptra.  Some of these are for certain areas only while others work well in multiple areas.

Some of these treatments have even been advertised as “Liquid Face Lifts“.  You get the results of having a facelift without the downtime, cutting and stitching that this surgery typically requires.

The Educated Patient Is Our Best Patient

I believe an educated consumer is our best client.  And I’m telling you these things because this is exactly what I pride myself on.  We handle all of the tested and proven fillers that are available in the market, including Restylane, Perlane, Selphyl, Sculptra, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Artefill.

I believe the BEST fillers out there are the ones that STAY!  We call it the “Filler that Lasts”!  Artefill/Bellafill™ is one of those.  We are the only Artefill/Bellafill™ authorized company in the State of Kansas to perform this procedure. They want to make sure that the person they choose has the qualifications and is an EXPERT.

  1. Artefill/Bellafill™ lasts!  20% off each injection line will last permanently.  With a typical injection, multiple lines are done in the same area which means 20-60% will STAY!
  2. Artefill/Bellafill™ WILL NEVER appear blue under the skin.  Using Restylane, Restylane-Lyft™ or Juvederm can result in the “tyndall” effect.  This means the area appears to have a blue shadow…not good when wanting to inject an area (under the eyes) where there may be dark shadowing!
  3. Artefill/Bellafill™ will not swell like Restylane, Restylane-Lyft™ or Juvederm!
  4. You will SAVE $$$$ by using Artefill.  Why keep injecting when you can inject the same area fewer times and get a better result!
  5. PRICE…Artefill/Bellafill™ $600 per 1cc vs others at $475-$500 per cc!  Just a tiny bit more for permanent results!
  6. Your injector of Artefill/Bellafill™ is an EXPERT!  Artefill/Bellafill™ will only let a qualified expert administer the procedure!  This equals 100% PATIENT SATISFACTION!  BOTTOM LINE:  LASTING RESULTS FOR LESS!

Why pay $500 for something that will break down when you can pay $600 for something that stays and builds up over time.  This material will not have to be re-injected from the base layer every time.  Plus our pricing is the LOWEST in the country for the BEST filler there is!

If you’d like to have a personal consultation on your particular situation, just respond or give us a call.

Here’s to Looking the Way You Feel…Because Aging Is Optional!

Kathleen Stegman Ed.D, R.N.