09 Jul

How Permanent Make-Up Can Revolutionize Your Beauty Regime

Make-up can sometimes be fun to put on… providing you’ve got plenty of time to focus on it. However, when you’re running out of the door to the office and only have five minutes to spare, it’s not quite so enjoyable.

Neither is it much fun when you’re applying lipstick in the car and accidentally go outside your lip-line, or when you’re out on the rain and your mascara ends up down your cheeks! This is where permanent make-up can make the world of difference to your life. Here’s more information.

Permanent Make-Up – What is it?

Permanent make-up can be added to the eyes and lips, in the form of lip-liner, eye-liner and eyebrow definer. Once you’ve had the treatment done, you won’t have to reapply make-up to these areas for at least 2 years. In fact, in some cases, it can last as long as 5 years in total.

It’s really simple to apply. The area is numbed with topical anesthetic and then pigment is added to the skin using a fine needle. You can select the shade you want, creating either a subtle, natural look or a more dramatic effect.

The Advantages of Permanent Make-Up

There are so many benefits to using permanent make-up instead of regular cosmetics. These include:

  • Time-saving. No more time wasted trying to put on eye-liner when you’re late for work!
  • Reliable appearance. You’ll never have to worry about smudged ‘panda-eyes’ or smeary lip-liner again; with permanent make-up, the color stays in place.
  • Create the effect you want. Permanent lip-liner can create the illusion of fuller lips and eye-liner can be used to make your eyes appear wider and fresher.

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