29 Jan

How Does the HCG Diet Really Work?

It’s not surprising that a diet that allows you to lose a pound a day for 20 days is going to get a lot of attention. Even if you don’t know exactly what the HCG diet is, you most likely have heard or read about it in the past few years. Hence, we thought we would share with a brief description of what the HCG diet is and how it actually works.

HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that women produce during pregnancy. This hormone helps moms to utilize stored fat to ensure there is sufficient energy for her and the baby. During the HCG diet, patients take one dose of this hormone daily while pairing it with a limited calorie diet.

The most commonly asked questions concerns whether patients feel hungry on the HCG diet. The answer is no. This is the real beauty about the HCG diet. Because the hormone allows you to mobilize more stored fats, it provides your body with energy that will leave you feeling satisfied rather than hungry.

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Photo via Nuttakit/FreeDigitalPhotos.net