10 Jun

How Botox™ Helps You Stay Fresh for Summer

Botox™ is a well known wrinkle filler that can serve multiple functions. Check out this lesser known benefit of Botox, right in time for summer.

Did you know that Botox™ can be used to minimize excessive arm pit sweat? Sweating is a perfectly natural function of the human body. Unfortunately, some suffer from excessive sweating. Damp and stained clothing isn’t suitable for a professional appearance and may effect your reception during an important interview or meeting.

Underarm moisture also contributes to underarm odors. The dampness provides an ideal environment for the growth and development of stinky bacteria.  These issues are a problem for job seekers and anyone who wants to look their best in these warm summer months in Kansas City.

Don’t let your esteem or professional demeanor be effected by sweat. Botox™ can dramatically reduce the sweating in your underarm region. The results are a consistently fresh look where the only scent you’ll carry is that of your perfume or cologne. Wear light colors without worry. Less sweat means fewer pit stains.

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Source: lookmybest.net