09 May

Honest Reviews of In-Office Cosmetic Treatments from ELLE Editors

Credibility is the key to results! For men and women seeking cosmetic treatments, it’s important to obtain recommendations or positive reviews before finally deciding to purchase a product or service. That’s why we thought our readers might be interested to know that the editors of top fashion magazine, ELLE, recently provided very honest reviews and as well as the stories of their personal experiences with Botox™ and IPL treatments. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Botox: The editors at ELLE highly recommend Botox™ injections as they saw fantastic results that still look natural after only the first injection. They do advise, however, going to an experienced doctor and skipping the numbing cream if possible.

“Hands down, Botox™ is the easiest way to get rid of wrinkles.”

  • IPL Facial Therapy: ELLE editors say that this treatment is highly effective, especially for certain skin issues like rosacea. Don’t worry if freckles appear slight darker immediately after as they will gently peel away a few days after.
“Seriously life-changing.”
Men and women in the greater Kansas City area seeking these treatments can receive them under medical supervision at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. To read more cosmetic treatment reviews, visit our post on Artefill, another leading skin treatment. Call MMA at 913-327-7175 to schedule your appointment today!