17 Sep

Hide Dark Under Eye Circles In a Few, Simple Steps

Drinking Water

If drinking those 8-10 cups of water each day is not enough to fix the appearance of under eye circles, now is the time to find cosmetic treatments that will remedy them. Of course, in our day and time there are many approaches that can be taken to fix the issue. For a simple fix, consider implementing orange concealer into your makeup routine. Concealer is an important component but is sometimes overlooked by some who feel that foundation is enough. A properly applied concealer, however, will disguise concentrated imperfections without risking over-application with a foundation.

A dilemma many women face in trying to conceal their under eye circles is either using too little makeup on the problem area or too much, which results in calling more attention to the area that one is trying to conceal. See why orange concealer is a prized technique among cosmetic products and services by following these simple steps:

1.Work under your eye only after applying mascara and eyeliner to avoid smudging
2. Use primer to fill in creases to prep the area
3. Pat on concealer delicately with chin directed towards chest (to receive clearest view possible of area).
4. Use foundation on under eye area as well as the rest of the face to even skin tone
5. Provide a brightening finish with yellow-based face powder to provide a highlighting effect under your eyes

If these steps don’t correct the dark circles under your eyes, contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics – we would be happy to offer additional services and advice!