10 Jul

Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap

Enjoy a spa experience at Midwest Medical Aesthetics that will improve your health and zap away inches instantly. Midwest Medical Aesthetics is happy to offer Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap. As an all-natural program, Herbalogica Body Contouring Wraps successfully treat a variety of health issues such as weight loss, wellness, fibromyalgia, immune recovery, hormone balancing, candida and arthritis. Using Herbalogica products, the body contour wrap detoxes the liquid waste system. The results are not only felt but are seen in a loss of inches and reduction of cellulite.

Feel and see the difference of natural, long-lasting improvements to your health and wellness with our available Herbalogica Natural Skin Care line. See how radiant your skin can be with the Green Tea Cleanser, Apricot Exfoliator and Anti-Cellulite Lotion. Get the weight loss results you want faster with the Cellulite Cleanse, Fiber Blend, Appetite Appeaser and Exercise Gel. Boost your overall health with the Body Purifier, Nutritional Shake, Antioxidant and Herbal Stress Relief.

To schedule your Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap or to learn more about our Herbalogica Natural Skin Care line, please call Midwest Medical Aesthetics at (866) 854-7181 today!