The Beginning of HCG in Kansas City

Kansas City HCG Midwest Aesthetics Center Dr. ATW Simeons was the first to discover the HCG weight loss diet. He spent thirty years researching the link of the hypothalamus gland and obesity. HCG Kansas City has positive effects on releasing stored fat from the body. With the injection of HCG daily, following a low calorie restricted diet and the absence of intense exercise, most people see a 15-15 lb weight loss in 23 days. The HCG diet has been shown to attack the fat stores that are hard to lose when using conventional diet and exercise (ie:: abdominal fat). Many times with weight loss, people see fat coming out of the extremities and face and the fat around the middle staying. This seems to be opposite with the HCG diet.

HCG is injected with a very tiny needle daily in the skin in the morning. The prescribed diet along with lots of water is followed daily. Rapid weight loss will occur without muscle wasting. The individual should not do intense exercise while doing this diet. Regular walking is allowed. Most people feel great while going through the diet. The individual is getting lean and healthy and learning good eating habits. The program can be followed until the desired weight loss is obtained.

There is a 6 week maintenance that is necessary to stabilize one’s weight and introduce new foods after the program. If you do not do this maintenance, rebound weight gain can occur rapidly. Midwest has been offering this diet plan since 2009. We feel we have the most up to date diet information available about HCG.

Along with the program, one can do the Zerona, Lapex lasers and/or Accent skin tightening, fat loss and cellulite reduction lasers. We also have detoxifying body wraps, far infared saunas and whole body vibration. We feel we have the most to offer in the fat loss and body shaping arena in the Kansas City area. Call us to get your body consult today and let us help you get the body you deserve! Request an Appointment

Real Results!

Real results from one of our patients after 6 months on the HCG Weight Loss plan.

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