12 Jan

Hair Dusting: The Secret You Never Knew You Needed

Hair dusting might sound like something only Tinkerbell can do, but the truth is that this trend is making major headlines in 2017. It is being touted as the ultimate secret to healthier, longer hair. If you need to breathe new life into your hair without losing any length, this hair treatment is for you!

What Is Hair Dusting?

Rather than snipping the hair in the traditional manner, hair dusting involves snipping on the very bottom of each hair strand in order to target the damaged hair tips only. It’s much like removing fuzz. After smoothing the hair to bring out the “bad” hairs, split ends can be effectively removed.

L.A. hairstylist Sal Salcedo has been using hair dusting on his celebrity clients for years, and he explains how it works its magic. “I hold smaller strands of hair in my hand, then slowly open and close my shears perpendicular to the hair strand, letting my shears catch the damaged hair. Then, I proceed to cutting the perimeter of the hair, if the ends are bad there, too.” Dusting only cuts about ¼ of an inch from the hair, and no more.

Not a Trim

Salcedo emphasizes that this process is not a trim. Hence the term “dusting.” It just lightly removes the damaged portions of the hair to help strong growth continue. This gives customers a way to care for their hair without sacrificing their length. Considering that not cutting hair at all only makes split ends worse and extends damage to the hair, dusting is the perfect middle ground. Best of all, it works for all hair types!

It’s always exciting to learn about new hair care techniques that help you pamper yourself and embrace your appearance without making any compromises. Dusting is truly a hair treatment that gives women (and men!) the best of both worlds.