25 Sep

Golden Rules for Fall Exfoliation


While this past summer was an exciting one, there is no doubt that our skin was probably less than thrilled. The summer season is one of the best times of the year to be outdoors but it can also be one that makes a lasting impression on our skin. With the fall season officially upon us, we should all take care to kick off this season’s skin regime by perfecting a skin care necessity – exfoliation!

Just as necessary as sunscreens are during the summer, exfoliating should be an important aspect of your beauty routine during the cooler months. Not only does it keep your skin feeling fresh, but it also helps your skin look radiant and glowing.

Before you jump in, focus on these golden rules for fall exfoliating:

  1. Use either a body scrub or an exfoliating body cloth only two to three times per week.
  2. Remember that sugar scrubs are best for normal to dry skin, while salt scrubs are best for oily skin.
  3. The after care is almost as important as the scrub. Be sure to apply a good moisturizer after exfoliation that includes ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oils.

Once you have learned the basics of exfoliation techniques you’ll benefit greatly from more of our skin and cosmetic services here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. For information about what treatments might be right for you, just visit Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood, Kansas!