09 Jun

Glamour’s Top Tips for a Less Scary Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season should be a time to shine not a time to hide. But sometimes, a woman is her worst critic. So we consulted one of our favorite beauty sources, Glamour, for their top tips on how to stress less and strut more this summer in that hot bathing suit.

  1. Start by getting a fantastic fake tan.
  2. Try to avoid shopping for swimsuits after a big meal.
  3. Don’t pay attention to numbers; remember, the average women is actually a size 14 suit.
  4. Pick a swimsuit that is true to your personal style.
  5. Try mixing and matching different types of tops and bottoms to find the most flattering combination.
  6. Use patterns and fabric detailing to draw attention to your best features.
  7. Be a little picky about the fit of the suit, but don’t drive yourself crazy.
  8. Don’t forget to accessorize; and remember, that a little confidence always looks good!
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