21 Jun

Getting the Low Down on Summer Skin Care

Summer Skincare

One of the most essential aspects of our beauty routines is maintaining our skin. After all, make up can only go so far and without proper skin care, even the best make up can fall short. That’s why we consider sunscreen one of the ultimate ingredients to a proper beauty regimen, and especially during the summer, sun protection is invaluable.

To protect your skin from the sun this summer, here are a few sunscreen tips from Self Magazine!

Check the Expiration – If you aren’t able to find the expiration date on the bottle, its better to play it safe and toss you sunscreen after one year.

Rub in the Spray Sunscreen – Since its harder to see spray on sunscreen, make sure that an even layer is sprayed on (you should be able to see the shiny layer) and then rub it in for optimum coverage.

Reapply even with Make Up – Reapplication of sunscreen is so important, so don’t skimp out just because you’re wearing make up! Simply add on a layer of tinted SPF – this will keep your skin protected and your make up flawless.

You’ll also find that our ColoreScience Pro collection includes cosmetics recommended by dermotologists to protect against environmental factors such as the sun. Learn more about these skincare options and more by calling 913.327.7175!