24 Sep

Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair – Permanently

Whether you are a man or a woman, shaving can be one of the most annoying personal hygiene chores there is. Shaving for men is fairly straightforward unless you have a mustache or beard, but for women shaving can be a painful task.

There are alternatives, of course. Hot wax treatments for women can be both painful and messy, but a relatively new procedure Laser Hair Removal is a permanent, painless procedure that can be done on both men and women. You can target the areas that you want to be hair free and the laser does the rest.

The procedure is simple. A laser passes over the skin, the light is converted to heat and absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The heat disables the follicle and prevents it from growing. The procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t need needles or creams. The laser moves quickly, as well, treating large areas in a short time.

Since darker hair has more melanin in it than lighter hair, laser hair removal is more effective on dark hair, but – there is a down side – the laser heats up the follicle, dark hair is coarser than light hair, and the darker the follicle, the hotter it gets. Although it can be uncomfortable, most people who undergo the procedure don’t find it painful.

Most people need between four and six treatments to completely remove hair. It all depends on the person and the texture and color of their hair. Although there are home laser hair removal products, they are not as convenient or effective as having the procedure done by a professional. Home lasers can also cause damage to the skin if not used correctly.

A professional opinion on whether laser hair removal is right for you can be obtained from Midwest Medical Aesthetics.