28 Aug

Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape!

Heart Shaped Face

One of the wonderful things about our bodies is how each and every one is so different. We each create our own beauty routines based on different needs. Some of us may be hoping to lose a few inches around the waist, while others are hoping to add a few inches around the chest! Whatever the items are on your beauty wish list are, they must be customized to suit your unique needs. One of the most obvious examples of this type of customization is your eyebrow shaping which depends greatly on the shape of your face.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best eyebrow shaping for your face’s shape.

For a square face, a thicker brow line is good option for maintaining a natural and balanced look.

For a round face, an arched eyebrow is the best way to create an oval look that opens up your eyes and elongates the face.

For a longer face, the best eyebrows shape would be a longer one. A low arch allows the face to be opened up sideways.

For a heart shaped face, try shaping brows into a round arch to soften the pointed look of a chin.

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