02 Jun

Get that Sun-kissed Look — Without the UV Damage

As we approach graduation, wedding and swimsuit season, are you looking for a risk-free way to achieve a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow–even though you’re short on sun?

Air Mist Tanning is the perfect answer. Midwest Medical utilizes the best solution to give you that perfect coloring. In just minutes you can be transformed into a bronzed body! Air Mist Tanning is done with a person actually spraying you (not a booth where it may be uneven and splotchy).

Air Mist Tanning lasts a week. When getting a tan, shave the night before or the day of the appointment. Do not apply moisturizer on the day of your appointment. If having your face sprayed, remove all makeup prior to the tan. Wear loose clothing and sandals to allow the product to dry. Your tan will be immediate. There is color in the spray. Your tan will develop underneath this product for the next 8-12 hours. When you shower after this period of time the immediate coloring will come off and the developed tan will be beautiful underneath. Get that sun-kissed glow now!