13 Oct

Get Rid of Pesky Spider Veins Once and For All!

The discovery of spider veins is never a welcome realization for any woman. Though the small, thin blue blood vessels are harmless, they could indicate poor circulation and possibly the formation of varicose veins (the ropey, blood-pooled veins that protrude from the legs).

Luckily, 21st century technology can come to your rescue and banish those spider veins forever so that you can flaunt those beautiful legs in shorts all summer long.

Sclerotherapy is a simple, relatively painless procedure that injects a scleratant directly into the spider veins. This irritates the vein’s lining, causing it to swell, stick together, scar, and fade from view.  Here are the most important things you should know if considering sclerotherapy:

  • Before treatment be sure to avoid taking any antibiotics, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medicines. Also, don’t use any leg moisturizer prior to your session.
  • You may feel a bit of pain and burning at the injection site, but it will only last a few minutes.
  • Each sclerotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes. Most people find that they need between 3-6 sessions to achieve their desired results.
  • There is no recovery period for sclerotherapy. You can return to all normal activities right away with the exception of cardio exercise, which should be avoided for at least 2 days.
  • Walking is highly encouraged after this procedure to keep blood flowing, but avoid hot compresses and direct sunlight exposure to treated areas for 2-3 days.
  • Sclerotherapy should not be considered if you are pregnant, nursing, have certain allergies, or have blood clots/inflammation in deep leg veins.
  • Some minor side effects do occur, such as bruising at the injection sites, temporary skin discoloration at injection sites, and itching or pain where the veins are treated.

This is a safe procedure that offers a simple solution to the spider veins you wish could just disappear. Now they finally can!