18 Aug

Get Rewards for Cosmetic Treatment

Did you know there’s a reward program for cosmetic facial treatments like wrinkle removal and line fillers?

Aspire Rewards, run by Galderma, will issue you a $20 dollar coupon to start or continue treatment with aesthetic products including Dysport™ Restylane™, and Sculptra®. What better way to begin a regimen that can restore your face to its natural look?

How Reward Programs Work

Reward programs encourage customers to begin and continue with treatment by offering special discounts and opportunities to earn back money spent on the treatments.

First, visit our website and scroll down to the button that gets you started on Aspire Rewards. You will be taken to another website that will collect basic information from you needed to process  your rewards. The program is free to join—and you can earn up to $100 reward points in a single day!

Do I Need Filler or Wrinkle Treatment?

That’s a question only you can ask yourself. But you have no doubt noticed a few lines on your face that weren’t there when you were young.

These lines come with age and are the result of moving different facial muscles when we smile, frown, and express other facial expressions. There are a lot of facial muscles and many of them are interconnected. Do a search and you’ll find different numbers. Counted separately, there are about 43. Or maybe more!

Is There a Difference Between Injected Wrinkle Treatment and Fillers?

Injected wrinkle treatments like Dysport™ and Botox® work by injecting neurotoxins into facial muscles to weaken or paralyze them. This gives the skin above those muscles a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Fillers like Bellafill® inject collagen gel, which help smooth out skin. Bellafill is also approved to treat acne.

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