03 Aug

Gentle & Effective Body-Jet Lipo Yields Fast Results

Are you tired of repeating those same exercises that are not giving you the results that you really want? For those difficult problem areas that prove to be resistant to exercise, Midwest Medical Aesthetics offers Body-Jet Lipo. In this revolutionary and gentle procedure, a water-jet assisted is used to smoothly and easily dislodge fat from the other tissue; the fat is then removed with a small cannula tube that is placed just under the skin. Since this procedure uses much less force than traditional liposuction, it yields little skin trauma, little bruising and faster and more accurate results that require very little recovery time. In fact, patients say within a couple of days after their Body-Jet Lipo treatment, they are back to their normal activities with no discomfort whatsoever.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics can perform Body-Jet Lipo on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, arms, thighs and knees. Recommended for those patients that are no more than 25 pounds overweight, the procedure is so fast and minimally invasive that it allows patients to get multiple areas worked on in one visit. Schedule your complimentary consultation to see if Body-Jet Lipo is for you by calling (913) 327-7175.