11 Jul

Find Personalized Solutions With Our Body Care Analysis

Body Care Analysis

There was a time when we had little control over our bodies’ appearance. It used to be that diet and exercise, plus a little make up was the extent of control that we had over our looks but with the science and technology of today, there’s a new world of possibilities that help us ensure that we look our best.

Our services at Midwest Medical Aesthetics include a broad range of treatments for various conditions and results. Since every body is different and unique, we offer a Body Care Analysis program that helps you narrow down your needs and then choose services based on them.

Our complimentary 8 Step Body Analysis includes the following:

  1. Record and analyze your history and physical information
  2. Take your measurements, weight, body mass index, hydration level & height
  3. Get your current exercise and diet information
  4. Discuss your goals for weight, dress/pant size measurements
  5. We’ll assess your motivation to reach your goals
  6. Discuss your willingness and ability to do exercise, diet management and the revolutionary HCG Diet
  7. Talk about treatments that are available like… Zerona, Accent, Lapex BCS, Liposiction (Cool Lipo/Body-Jet), Fat transfer, Natural Breast Augmentation
  8. Formulate a customized plan to reach your goals via: diet, exercise, and all other treatments
To more about how we can help you choose the custom services to suit your body and schedule a Body Care Analysis, just call Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913-327-7175.