30 Jul

Feeling Exhausted? The Way Your Face Reveals Your Fatigue and How to Treat It

In today’s busy world, exhaustion is all too common a problem. The national economic situation means that more people are working increasingly longer hours at the office, and with this comes inevitable burn-out.

Exhaustion not only leaves you feeling dreadful but can also have a really negative effect on your appearance too.

The Physical Warning Signs That You’re Burnt Out

1) Hollow eyes. Stress often brings with it lack of sleep. Many stressed out people spend hours each night tossing and turning, and the result is hollow, dark eyes in the morning. Feeling generally over-tired can also bring about the same effect.

2) Lack of plumpness to the skin and body. When mentally and physically exhausted, loss of appetite is relatively common. Of course, this can cause you to lose weight; which is fine if you’ve got a few pounds to spare, but if you were slim to begin with, can be incredibly aging, particularly around the cheeks.

3) Brittle hair and nails. Stress and sleepless nights can both contribute to brittleness in the hair and nails, and you may find that your hair begins to look thinner, without its normal luster.

Tackling the Effects of Exhaustion

Obviously, the best way to combat tiredness is to get to the root of the problem, which is your hectic, over-worked lifestyle. However, there are things you can do to improve your appearance in the meantime. Restylane is a great way to reduce hollow eyes and cheeks. It effectively plumps out even very thin areas on the face, which instantly creates a younger, fresher looking appearance, which lasts up to 18 months.

Booking Your Restylane Treatment Today

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