30 Apr

Excess Hair: Causes and Treatments

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ amount of hair on a female’s body. In fact, it can vary considerably, depending on a number of factors. Of course, if you’ve got darker, thicker hair; it’s more likely that your hair will show more. This isn’t a problem when it’s growing from the top of your head; but may make you feel self-conscious if it’s on your upper lip, thighs or bikini line.

Why Are You Hairy?

Hair growth is entirely natural. However, if you’re darker, you may find that you’re slightly hairier than your blonde counterparts! Likewise, if you suffer from hormonal imbalance or polycystic ovarian syndrome, you may experience increased hair growth.

Addressing the Issue

If you’re not self-conscious about it, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should address the issue at all, as it’s perfectly natural and not at all damaging to your health. However, if you feel self-conscious about your hair growth, there are ways in which you can get rid of the unwanted hair.

We advise against shaving, as this can cause the hair to appear thicker when it starts to regrow. It can also result in ingrown hairs, which in turn, can cause pimples.

Instead, laser hair removal or waxing is a really popular way of eliminating unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal is more expensive, but the advantage is that the results are permanent, leaving you with beautifully smooth, hair-free skin for life. It also has the advantage of being painless.

However, waxing is a great alternative if you’re seeking a budget solution. Make sure you get an expert to do it rather than attempt it at home; as DIY attempts can often result in a rather ‘patchy’ effect, not to mention irritate and redden the skin.

Laser Hair Removal at Midwest

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