21 Mar

Everything You Need to Know about Body Contour Wraps

You’ve undoubtedly heard about many new, exciting, and unique methods to enhance your physical appearance and slim your body, but are you familiar with the M’LIS Body Contour Wrap? This all-natural holistic approach to body contouring has existed since 1979, and is still popular today to detoxify the body and encourage detoxification and weight loss. Here’s everything you should know!

M’LIS Targets the Root of the Problem

Weight gain, bloating, and other uncomfortable changes often occur because the body is struggling to rid itself of toxins and waste. The M’LIS Wrap addresses this problem by using circulation and gentle pressure to flush those toxins and waste through the body’s natural internal detoxification system. As the circulatory and lymphatic systems help to push toxins out, the body benefits because it is able to recover from misshaping.

The Wrap’s Process

When you arrive at Midwest Aesthetics Center for your M’LIS body contour wrap, your spa professional will begin by exfoliating your skin to increase the inch loss results. After taking measurements, your spa professional will apply a contour cream to the area of your body being treated. This cream is absorbed into the cell region to stimulate circulation and promote tissue cleansing. Finally, a specialized plastic wrap is used to contour your body and trigger the cream’s active ingredients. As the wrap works its magic, you will simply relax and enjoy the warmth.

Enjoy the Results!

A series of three to six M’LIS wraps, each four to seven days apart, can deliver incredible results and up to 14 lost inches. Since the wrap targets excess fluids, trapped waste, cellulite, and tissue weakness, all of the causes of body misshaping are minimized or resolved. As your body becomes slimmer and more contoured, you will also notice that your skin feels more hydrated and your blood circulation remains strong.

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