12 Oct

Essential Skincare Tips for the Fall Season

Fall Skincare Tips

Skincare should be an essential part of every woman’s health routine. Keeping your skin in good condition can help to preserve a youthful appearance and promote health to all areas of your body, since vibrant, clean skin prevents toxins and bacteria from entering the body’s surface areas.

The following easy tips can keep your skin glowing with vitality:

1. Hydrate inside and out. Drink on average six to eight glasses of water daily (unless your doctor prescribes otherwise) to hydrate your entire body, skin included, from the inside. Consider using a facial cream at night and perhaps during cold weather to moisturize skin from the outside as well.

2. Eat plenty of antioxidants. Commonly found in fruits and vegetables as well as beverages like tea and coffee, antioxidants rid the body of free radicals, which can damage cells and accelerate the aging process.

3. Exercise to stimulate circulation. With your doctor’s permission, a low-key exercise program can enhance circulation throughout your body, carrying oxygen to cells for healing and protection. Nothing creates an attractive rosy glow like physical activity.

Tell us, have any of you noticed a change in your skin yet this fall? Do you typically need to change up your skincare products during the colder months?

To jump start your skincare routine this fall, you’ll need the most effective, reliable products available. Come see our skincare experts at Midwest Medical Aesthetics and we will help you decide which specific products are best for your skin!