13 Nov

Enjoy the Spa Experience Inside Your Own Home!

Galvanic Spa Treatment

Once you have found the perfect place for your spa experience, it is hard to find one that competes with it. After all, with the new technologies and friendly staff here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, we can understand how you might become accustomed to using only our services. With one of our latest services however, you can bring aspects of the spa experience inside your own home!

The Galvanic Spa System is one our client favorites. It’s a professional spa treatment system that can be used in the comforts of your home. Just a few of the treatments delivered with the system include scalp revitalization and complexion rejuvenation. The system is also perfect for anyone hoping to fix trouble spots as the Galvanic Spa Instrument and Products target lines and wrinkles.

Getting personalized, pampered treatment like this is exactly what you’ll find at Midwest Medical Aesthetics and now it’s something that you can find in your home as well! Contact us by calling 913.327.7175 to get started!