29 Aug

Don’t worry…we’ve got something for everyone!‏

kansas city cosmetic surgery

Because Labor Day creates a three-day weekend and is the last major holiday before the onset of autumn, it’s generally seen as the last chance to enjoy the summer season. And it also marks the last time to enjoy our amazing August specials!

At the end of summer, many of us need a little pick-me-up to lift our spirits – and our self confidence – as we head into fall.  The summer sun has a way of making our faces look wrinkled and weathered and all those picnics and outings can leave us with tighter clothes and buttons that don’t close.

Don’t worry…we’ve got something for everyone!  For those of you who want to freshen up your skin, we’re offering:

(20) units of Botox™ or (50) units of Dysport™ for only $175. 
* call the office for detailsAnd when you purchase Dysport™ treatments for just three areas, you’ll also receive a $25 rebate coupon.  That’s up to $100 in savings!

How about some cosmetic fillers to restore the volume and fullness to your face?

Purchase 2 and get the 1 free. Save up to $700!

Artefill/Bellafill™ – the only permanent filler:  1 syringe $600, 2 syringes $1,150.  
These incredible prices will save you from $300 to $650!

kansas city cosmetic surgery

If your skin looks dull after months in the sun, age spots are popping up or you’re dealing with dry/oily skin, you can improve the tone and quality of your skin with a refreshing VI Peel.  This month we’re offering it at the low price of just:


$300 for your face & neck.

Need to lose that summer weight gain brought on by too many cheeseburgers and ribs?  Well you’re in luck because this month we’re offering some amazing specials on some of our most popular treatments for losing weight:

kansas city cosmetic surgery Zerona or Lapex LipoLike laser treatments
Just $100 (9 treatments recommended over 3 weeks)Zerona is the only clinically-proven, non-invasive body slimming treatment available today. Imagine…you’ll look and feel better in no time!

Lipo Laser Fat Loss treatments 3 for $175
Combines Zerona with Lapex/Vivazz…
2 machines for less than the price of 1

This newly-designed technique of laser-like lipo picks up where traditional liposuction leaves off.

Hcg diet 23 day $450 40 Day $650
Lose 15-30 lbs. in 23-40 days!

Don’t wait months to achieve your weight loss goal – lose between 1-2 pounds a day.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation to decide which treatments are best for you.  At these prices, why stop at just one?