15 Feb

Dieting Tips that Dispel Myths Inspired by Livestrong.com

Weight management is a goal that requires strategy and active efforts and should ultimately result in a lifetime of healthy living, not just a month of losing pounds. Jumping into weight loss with the latest crash diet may actually make you gain weight in the long-run, especially if you develop unhealthy habits in the process. From Livestrong.com, here are some helpful tips for approaching weight loss that dispel some of the myths that fad diets create.

  • Slight diet changes at the beginning will give you the momentum to successfully make bigger changes later on.
  • Avoid lots of juices and beverages (diet or not) that contain empty calories or fake sweeteners. Choose water, the ultimate health promoting liquid.
  • Eating low-calorie, nutrient-rich snacks between meals will help you eat smaller portions at mealtimes while boosting your metabolism.
  • Balance and moderation is the key, so be careful not to deprive yourself too much. Allowing an occasional sweet treat will help you avoid binging later on.
  • Remember to forgive yourself if you slip up. Focus on why you want to lose weight and your success to keep going.

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Photo via Livestrong.com