Dermaroller Testimonials

Anybody can claim they have a great product, but how do you know if it’s really as good as we say it is? Many of you look for Dermaroller Reviews to hear from people who have really used our devices. Don’t just listen to us. We welcome you to browse comments from doctors, patients, and home users who have had success using Dermaroller® micro-needling rollers.

Once I learned about the Dermaroller® I added the procedure as a treatment offered in my practice. I use it mostly for skin rejuvenation of the face but have also treated severe stretch marks with the device. The results are great, especially if patients follow up for all three of the treatments we recommend. Acne scars remarkably improve and stretch marks respond very well. The Dermaroller® is such a simple tool that it was hard to believe at first that the device produced such excellent results. Offering Dermaroller® treatments adds to the services we provide, making our aesthetic offerings more complete.

Adrienne Stewart, MD

Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek

Denver, ColoradoUnited States

Dermaroller ® has a wide range of applications. I have treated people who have wrinkles and are tired of repeat injections, people with acne scars, hyperpigmentation problems, scars, stretch marks, and even anti-aging. Many patients do not want the pain and prolonged down time of laser resurfacing. The Dermaroller ® is the perfect solution for this. It is fast. And there is no down time or prolonged discomfort.

Jonathan Walker, DO

Walker Medical Solutions

Chandler, ArizonaUnited States

We are all so grateful to you and your wonderful team at the Gerber Medical Clinic! Not only do we feel energetic and full of life thanks to your treatment and recommendations, but thanks to the use of the Dermaroller we are seeing a great difference in our skin! Krystal was worried that there may not be an option for her acne scars that didn’t involve months of downtime and scary lasers. Using the Dermaroller she is seeing her scars dissipating and the overall texture of her skin is looking much better. I have been using the Dermaroller for my skin as well and am so happy with the result! My deep wrinkles are much less noticeable and I have a youthful glow that I thought was gone forever! Thank you again for introducing us to the Dermaroller and for continuing to improve our quality of life – inside and out.

Sandra & Family,

Reno, NevadaUnited States

We have been proud to offer the Medical Dermaroller ® to our Sanjevani® Integrative Medicine Skin Care Program which includes Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Face Lift featuring Epicuren Signature Lifting and Toning Facials, nutritional counseling and other natural supplements to improve their skin from inside and out. With the Medical Dermaroller ® we are able to help stimulate the individuals own collagen production through collagen induction therapy. The Medical Dermaroller ® is a valuable treatment for our clients who want natural options without the side effects. Unlike other micro-needling rollers that people can buy over the internet, they are not sterile and the micro-needles themselves are not manufactured as precise and thus infection, potential of breaking and less effective results can occur. The Medical Dermaroller ® also has been demonstrated to be clinically effective.

Sunil Pai, MD

Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center


Albuquerque, New MexicoUnited States

I have been in the beauty business for more than 25 years and own a Salon in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In those same years I have had several skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and lasers for acne scars and huge pores. The results were very poor and some were very painful and expensive. I had the Dermaroller ® procedure done, by Dr. Leo Capobianco, about 6 weeks ago, My skin looks amazing, smoother, more hydrated, smaller pores, and the best of all, absolutely with no down time. Got it done on a Sunday and back to work Monday. My client’s, co-workers, and myself are amazed and thrilled with my results. Furthermore, I have been told it gets better and better each day that follows the procedure. I will also add that I felt little to no discomfort at all…..Truly Awesome!!! Thank You!!!

Maggie Griffith,

HairArts Spa

LasVegas, NevadaUnited States

Other micro-needling devices cannot hold a candle to Dermaroller ®. Other rollers are of a much lower quality. They’ve been proven to be much more invasive resulting in more bleeding, unnecessary pain, and a longer recovery time, exposing the patient to a higher risk of infection and scarring. I care for my patients. I want them to experience the best results with little to no pain and little to no downtime. My patients expect and deserve the best care, and that’s why I choose Dermaroller ®.


Gayl Hyde, ND

Nuwa Integrative Healthcare Studio

Napa, CaliforniaUnited States

I chose Dermaroller ® due to it’s impecable reputation and widespread use throughout Europe. I have seen Dermaroller ® time and time again win awards for standard of care. I have personally witnessed the dramatic results which this micro-needling device has demonstated.

Ira Lee, NP

Lake City, FloridaUnited States

We have experimented with other rolling devices and have found the efficacy of the Dermaroller ® to be best in its class.  Dermaroller ® brand is the only roller device that has had years of safe and effective treatments. The design of the roller and its specialized needle characteristics make for consistent and incredible results.

Anne Hill, NP

Radiance Skin Care

Madison, WisconsinUnited States

As a dermatologist, with more than 6 years experience using The Genuine Dermaroller®, I have been treating different and often difficult types of scars, including acne, traumatic injury, surgical, and burn scars. I have found that medical microneedling with the Dermaroller ®, versus other brands, to yield gratifying results for improving photodamaged crinkley/crepey and blotchy pigmented skin. It has also proven beneficial in promoting repigmentation in certain cases of hypopigmentation that have resulted from surgery, sun damage, laser treatments, and in the treatment of male and female pattern hairloss, vitiligo, as well as for breaking up spider vein matting on the legs. When compared to fraxel lasers, medical micro-needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) with the Dermaroller® has the advantages of being considerably less expensive, it may be used anywhere on the body, and when recently tested against intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) it has been shown to promote a greater degree of new collagen formation.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD

Clinical Professor of Dermatology Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY Author of “You Can Look Younger At Any Age–A Leading Dermatologist’s Guide”


New York, New YorkUnited States

Dermaroller® is a great treatment for acne scarring and patients interested in facial rejuvenation without the downtime associated with aggressive laser treatments. After a series of three treatments spaced at 6-8 weeks apart I see great results with acne scarring.

Anne Marie McNeill, MD

McNeill Dermatology

Newport Beach, CaliforniaUnited States

We are always looking for treatments that will better improve the functionality of the skin. The Dermaroller® will allow us to do this with tolerable down time, while effectively treating deep wrinkles and acne scarring with results comparable to laser resurfacing treatments.

Carl Thornfeldt,

The MEDSpa by CT Derm

Fruitland, IndianaUnited States

Dermaroller® has been a huge success in my practice. As a plastic surgeon I have learned and practiced many methods for aesthetic reconstruction. But seldom was I so impressed and convinced on first sight by such a simple looking, and especially NON-invasive method like the COLLAGEN-INDUCTION-THERAPY(CIT). In practicing multiple Dermaroller® treatments it is evident that the fine needles of the Dermaroller® induce body-own collagen and elastin fibers. In contrast to all invasive techniques, such as Laser, Dermabrasion, acid-peelings, etc., when practicing the CIT the protective epidermis stays intact. The innovative method for skin rejuvenation with the Dermaroller® has no visible side effects, the results keep improving over one year. For the first time we saw an average of 80% improvement with deep wrinkles, scars, acne-scars, cellulite, stretch mark scars, and pigment changes successfully. The DERMAROLLER® procedure is a great medical device that has delivered effective results with my plastic surgery and acne scar patients.

Walton J. Montegut, MD

Dr. Montegut

Newport Beach, CaliforniaUnited States

Our patients are seeing great results right from their first treatment with the Genuine Dermaroller®.

Cathy Wallwork, RN

The Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Winchester, Outside USAUnited Kingdom

I have treated a patient with 1 medical Dermaroller treatment using a 1.5mm and Derma-Stamp® for acne scarring. He had previously had 4 or 5 Fraxel treatments. He states that he has seen more of a change/improvement with 1 roller treatment then he had seen with the Fraxel treatments.

Mike Wherry,

CT Derm

Fruitland, IndianaUnited States

I’ve been using products like Dysport™ (Botox™ Alternative) and various dermal fillers for years to give my patients a ‘refreshed’ look. The Dermaroller ® allows me to offer much more complete skin rejuvenation and patients love the results. While other products help prevent wrinkles and restore lost contour, the Dermaroller ® dramatically improves the quality of the skin and my patients have noticed more even tone, thicker, younger looking skin, and a healthy glow. I’ve even seen profound scar reduction and age spots disappear or diminish significantly. Dermaroller ® offers so much in a single treatment with no dangerous machinery and no social downtime for the patient. I think it’s the best value in aesthetics for practitioners and patients.

Leo Capobianco, DO

Allure Medi Spa

Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States

We love the Dermaroller ®and so do our patients! We can use the Dermaroller® to improve the face and also work on stretch marks and even loose skin on the belly. At our office we sell the home use products too and are really surprised by how much patients love the Beauty Mouse®. Women use it on their legs and arms for soft skin that glows.

Alexander & Marina Portney, MD

Health and Youth MedSpa


Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States

Dermaroller® is perfect for my practice. I don’t have the type of clientele that will spend thousands of dollars on laser treatments which I wouldn’t use anyway. I like the natural approach to skin rejuvanation that microneedling offers so the Dermaroller® is ideal. Lasers ablate and destroy in my opinion. Patients who receive the Dermaroller® treatments get great results without severe burn, post-procedure pain, or downtime. Most importantly, I love the results and so do my patients. Their skin becomes more firm and even in tone and wrinkles diminish significantly. Patients look younger and refreshed in a natural way, not like they just had serious ‘work’ done.

Tammara Beeghly,

The Center for Health and Wellness

Las Vegas, Nevada

United States

After just one Dermaroller ® collagen induction therapy session my husband says I look 10 years younger. I look forward to helping my patients receive similar results.

Anjali Chanana-Gupta, MD

Fairfield, CaliforniaUnited States

Patients love the Dermaroller®. I thought it would hard to convince patients that they didn’t need ablative treatments using a laser to improve skin quality but that changed with the first patient. Several weeks after their first treatment with the Dermaroller®, patients notice more firm skin that is thicker and smoother with a more youthful glow. I prefer to use at least three treatments for maximum results and make sure that the patients are healthy on the inside; well-hydrated with plenty of vitamins and minerals on board. The changes are profound and my patients are thrilled with the results. I can use the Dermaroller® on the face but also the neck, decoltee, and even the back of the hands. Dark spots improve and the skin becomes thicker and tighter.

Cristy Thomas, NP

Vitality Medical Center

Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States

As a plastic surgeon I have learned and practiced many methods for aesthetic reconstruction. But seldom was I so impressed and convinced on first sight by such a simple looking, and especially NON-invasive method like the COLLAGEN-INDUCTION-THERAPY (CIT). In a blinded study and in collaboration with other colleagues I could produce scientific evidence that the fine needles of the Dermaroller® induce body-own collagen- and elastin fibers. In contrast to all invasive techniques, such as Laser, Dermabrasion, Acid-Peelings, etc., when practicing the CIT the protective epidermis stays intact. This aspect I want to underline, because this innovative method for skin rejuvenation practically has no visible side effects. For the first time we managed to improve wrinkles, scars,acne-scars, cellulite and pigment changes successfully. I am very much convinced that the DERMAROLLER®-CONCEPT has opened a new page in the history of aesthetic treatments.

Martin Schwarz, MD

Freiburg, Outside USAGermany

I have found this to be a superb treatment for anti-ageing giving an improved texture to the skin and a more even skin tone.  It helps to lift and tighten and soften fine lines.  With a minimum downtime, the benefits are felt almost immediately and continue over time.


Jeni Watson, RN

Director – Dermaticians

Cambridge, Outside USAUnited Kingdom

Each column will penetrate into the dermis of the skin and stimulate your own skin to produce collagen.

Natalie Blakely, MD

The Light Touch Clinic

Guildford, Outside USA

United Kingdom

I absolutely love the results of the surgical Dermaroller® procedure. I recommend it for everyone who wants to look at least 10 years younger. I have seen it produce excellent results for sagging jowls, wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet, enlarged pores, discoloration, hyper pigmentation, thinning skin, and milia. The Dermaroller® has also improved sagging necks, aged hands, and sun damaged skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and uncomfortable and well worth the youthful results. In my opinion, the surgical Dermaroller® is the only anti-aging procedure that truly reverses the aging of the skin naturally without the risks of surgery or excessive heat. The procedure is not only extremely effective, but sensible, economical and convenient.

Sherry Fong,

HER Club

San Francisco, CaliforniaUnited States

I love the Dermaroller®! It has made my skin look and feel so smooth and I couldn’t be happier with the customer service!

Rachael Rippee,

Newport Beach, CaliforniaUnited States

As a integrative doctor when I saw what the Dermaroller® was doing with my patient’s energy and the increases blood flow to her face I knew that this was an amazing device. The women that I trained on had major acne scars. After 4 weeks the acne scars were significantly reduced. I am excited about this natural based medical device. My belief is that you take of the inside of the body first and the outside will follow. Being an integratively based doctor I do not believe in using ablative or thermal devices. The Dermaroller® has allowed my practice help patients’ skin issues naturally.

Jorge Moreno, DO

Montebello, CaliforniaUnited States

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