07 Feb

Defeating Diet Downfalls: Social Situations & Being Too Nice

Was the greasy, junk food a bigger rival than a football team for you this past Super Bowl Sunday? It’s events like these that remind us what an influence environment has on our eating habits. We can all admit to having ditched our diets to eat what our friends or family are eating. Whether it’s too much concern about manners when someone prepares a dish for you or too little concern about your motivation to lose weight, these are the moments that can throw any hard work you may have put in, straight down the garbage disposal.

A recent article in Prevention Magazine reports on a fascinating study that shows how being a people pleaser can contribute to weight gain or inability to lose weight.

“The research found that people-pleasers (those who reported worrying about hurting other people, frequently putting others’ needs before their own, and being sensitive to criticism…sound familiar?) tended to overeat in social settings in an effort to make other people feel more comfortable—and that overeating led to unwanted calories.”

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